Mouthwatering local ingredients, intense international flavours

Our fire-grilled meat and seafood dishes, along with our impressive selection of original drinks, are unlike anything else in the neighbourhood.

At Riverside — Kitchen & Bar, we value everything the local area has to offer while adding a generous helping of international flair. Many of the dishes at our restaurant feature ingredients sourced from within 10km of the hotel. And, at our bar, some of our drinks are made using Hakone Gora spring water.

With its distinctive atmosphere, blending creativity, colour, and comfort, Riverside — Kitchen & Bar is the best place in town to savour the region’s delicacies, talk over a glass of sake, and get to know the locals.

Riverside – Kitchen & Bar Operation Hours
Breakfast: 7:30 ~ 10:30
Lunch: 11:30 ~ 14:30 ( L/O 14:00)
Dinner: Fri, Sat, national holidays  17:30 ~ 22:00 (LO 21:30); Sun ~ Thu 17:30 ~ 21:30 (LO 21:00)
Bar: weekends and national holidays  10:30  23:30 (LO 23:00; Bar Food LO 22:30); Sun ~ Thu 11:30  23:00 (LO 22:30; Bar Food LO 22:00)

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will fly

Known for its annual Daimonji-yaki fire festival, as well as its volcanic mountains — heating up the hot spring water flowing beneath our feet — Hakone Gora has fire at the core of its identity, so we’ve made fire the focal point of our 88-seat restaurant.

Hear the wood crackle and watch the sparks fly from our open wood grill where our seasoned chefs prepare choice dishes, such as premium-quality Ashigara Wagyu sirloin, 30-day dry-aged bone-in ribeye, and the catch of the day. Or bite into some of our other succulent specialities, including fire-roasted beetroot, hamachi crudo, Odawara mackerel, and smoked Japanese cheesecake. We make our own bread and pastries, too.

The restaurant’s décor has also been inspired by the world outside our windows. Its wood elements, used liberally throughout, connect the space to the forested mountains in the distance. A showcase for Gora’s cultural heritage, the restaurant prominently displays variations of the region’s distinctive yosegi-zaiku pattern, including on its sliding doors (which can close to create a private dining room). Also attention-grabbing are the hexagons on the ceiling, which symbolise the boulders that Gora was named after.

The 18th century ukiyo-e master, Utagawa Hiroshige, is probably most well-known in Japan for his series The 53 Stations of the Tokaido, and one of these woodblock prints features Hakone, with its view of Mt. Fuji. We have taken this iconic image of the region, blown it up to fill a wall, and transformed it with coloured glass panels, making it one of the most compelling and vibrant elements of Riverside — Kitchen & Bar. In true Hotel Indigo fashion, it ties the space to Hakone Gora’s past while, at the same time, being uniquely ours.

Both inspiring and intimate, our restaurant gives you an unparalleled taste of what Gora has to offer.

Baking up
a storm

From the ovens of the Riverside — Kitchen & Bar bakery, we’re making some other unique treats, including bread and pastries, for guests and visitors to the hotel.

The sourdough bread we bake uses rye flour, natural yeast, and Hakone Gora’s spring water. Our original recipe yields a distinctive flavour with a refreshing sourness. Even before you swallow the first bite, you’ll already be thinking about ordering the next loaf.

Riverside — Kitchen & Bar

Join us for a meal

Go with
the flow

With the Haya River continually rushing past Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora, water is another important part of our neighbourhood that just can’t be ignored, and it has become the concept behind our 44-seat bar.

Hakone Gora’s spring water is used to make some of the drinks we serve, such as green tea and sake. On top of that, we have award-winning gins, Gora-inspired cocktails, and a host of other top-quality beverages that will keep you coming back to visit us.

We also serve some light snacks featuring local ingredients, including Hakone fishcakes, a cheese platter, and sliced seasonal fruit, as well as comfort food, such as grilled chicken wings, Wagyu beef burgers and French fries.

We’ve brought the elegance of the traditional tea ceremony to the design of our modern bar, creating an atmosphere that is a harmonious balance of east and west. And the bar’s 360° counter allows for a great view of the trees along the Haya River and the mountains beyond.

Enjoy the view, the conversation, and the atmosphere — and let the drinks flow.

A brand-new

Yet another distinctive element of Riverside — Kitchen & Bar, and one of our biggest crowd-pleasers, is Hotel Indigo’s own original brand of craft pale ale, Indi五. The character “五” is read “go” and means five. While sipping on a glass of Indi五, find out from our approachable bartender the meaning behind the five and the story of our beer’s unique label.

Be sure to try a bottle during your stay. It’s the only place in the world where you can.






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