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Enjoy the beauty of each season in Hakone Gora.

【Spring】Cherry Blossom Viewing

①Miyagino Hayakawa River

The cherry blossom path along the Hayakawa River in Hakone is famous for its beauty, with 120 Somei Yoshino cherry trees aged around 70 years, spanning 500 meters. Strolling along the riverbank, you'll feel the gentle water murmurs and spring breeze. Nearby, along National Route 138, there's another 300-meter path with both Shidare cherry trees and Somei Yoshino cherry trees, creating a stunning landscape with vibrant pinks and delicate hues.

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②Hakone Gora Park

The first place in Japan where a French-style formal garden was created. With over 100 years of history, it dazzles with seasonal blooms, including 50 cherry blossom trees. From mid-March, Kawazu-zakura and Okame-zakura bloom, followed by Shidare-zakura and Yamazakura in mid-April. Don't miss the historic tea room Hakuundo, a highlight near the hotel's front counter.


The Hakone Tozan Railway is a unique train that utilizes switchbacks to climb the mountain, departing from Hakone-Yumoto Station. Along this route, numerous weeping cherry trees are planted, allowing passengers to enjoy cherry blossom viewing from late March to mid-April while riding the train. Particularly around Ohiradai Station, approximately 100 weeping cherry trees bloom beautifully, adorning the train windows with pink flowers. The hydrangea season (from around June to August) is also worth a visit.

④Onshi-Hakone Park

Located on the peninsula-like "Togashima" jutting out into Lake Ashi, this spot offers cherry blossom viewing from mid-April to early May (depending on climate), slightly later than other areas. Within the vast park, approximately 320 cherry blossom trees of various types are scattered. Among them, the Mamezakura (Prunus incisa) is particularly famous, known for its small and delicate flowers commonly found around Mt. Fuji and Hakone. Moreover, around the "Lakeside Observatory" which serves as the symbol of the park, you can also see Gotenbazakura (Specific for Gotenba area), known for its branches adorned with pale pink flowers. Enjoying these cherry blossoms while gazing at Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashi is a unique charm of the Hakone Imperial Park.

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⑤Sounji Temple

Located near Hakone-Yumoto Station, "Sounji" is a historic temple with a long-standing history. Its magnificent main hall juxtaposed with beautiful cherry blossoms is renowned locally as a prime cherry blossom viewing spot. From around the end of March each year, two weeping cherry trees bloom within the temple grounds, displaying vibrant pink flowers, followed by pale pink Somei Yoshino and white Ooshima cherry blossoms. Then, in mid-April, the rare Gyokou (Imperial Yellow) cherry blossoms bloom with their distinctive light green flowers, offering a diverse array of cherry blossoms to enjoy for approximately half a month.

⑥Chokozan Shodaiji Temple

Shoutai-ji in Iryuda, Hakone, is the ancestral temple of the Inaba clan, former feudal lords of Odawara. It holds the graves of the clan and Lady Kasuga. At its entrance lies a 350-year-old Weeping Cherry Tree, a city-designated natural monument and one of Kanagawa Prefecture's "100 Famous Trees". Standing at 13 meters tall with a 13-meter branch spread, its blossoms create a stunning springtime spectacle.

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