Each Hotel Indigo takes its inspiration from the neighbourhood that it calls home. Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora brings the best that the locale has to offer into the hotel and gives it a striking twist.

Fire, fish, and
old photos

A design-led reinterpretation of our neighbourhood

From the moment you enter the lobby, guests are treated to a snapshot of what’s special about Gora. There’s the kettle suspended over a traditional irori firepit, inspired by an attractive cottage-style tea house in nearby Gora Park. On the stools are interlaced yosegi-zaiku wood patterns, a craft distinctive to the Hakone Gora region. And the intriguing pillar puzzles give you a glimpse of Gora through the ages, featuring black-and-white pictures from a local, 100-year-old photo studio. While checking in, sample a tasty mochi delight, made at a local sweets shop that has stuck to the same recipe for more than half a century.

The natural world has been artfully integrated into the hotel’s design, as well. There’s a firefly-inspired art installation, a fish-shaped pothook, and rocks encased in floor-to-ceiling gabion cages. Elements such as these throughout the hotel capture the wonders and the history of our neighbourhood.

Get a feel for Gora from within our four walls, then go out and explore.

its spell

Gora’s tradition of yosegi-zaiku is integral to our design

The woodworking craft yosegi-zaiku began in Hakone Gora during the second half of the 19th century and, today, its patterns are symbolic of the region. Artisans bind wood from different types of trees then slice them into colourful mosaic-like sheets that can adorn a whole host of objects.

At Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora, variations on this striking wooden craft are, literally, part of the furniture: on the walls of the restaurant, on the minibars in the guest rooms, even the floor numbers in the elevator lobbies have been given the yosegi-zaiku treatment.

We’ve woven this integral part of the neighbourhood into the design of the hotel (and here on our website, too) so Gora can begin to weave its spell on you.

The neighbourhood is our guru

The Hotel Indigo brand

With more than 100 hotels around the world, you might expect that Hotel Indigo’s properties would have a unified aesthetic and signature style. But, no. Since each one of our hotels is inspired by the neighbourhood where it resides — and is designed to reflect its beauty, creativity, and culture — no two are alike.

We’re a boutique hotel brand that exists for curious adventurers like you who are hungry to find out more about the world and dig deeper into a locale’s culture and history. Every detail of the décor in our hotels has its own story, the ingredients in each dish in our restaurants have a connection to the region, and the experiences we offer allow you to get a clear sense of the spirit of the community — all with the goal of piquing your curiosity and encouraging you to get out and discover the neighbourhoods we love.

We bring together the culture and traditions of a region and mix them with the unconventional to make something exceptional — unique spaces that connect people and places.


Meet my sisters

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