At The Spa by HARNN, we have the perfect treatment for you. We make use of the curative effects of Hakone Gora’s onsen waters and have incorporated revitalising local ingredients in our treatments.

As part of our menu of treatments, we also offer speleotherapy in our salt sauna and original yomogi teas, created from traditional healing recipes. And our fully appointed fitness centre has state-of-the-art equipment to help you feel at your very best.

The Spa by HARNN is a truly unforgettable experience — and unique to our neighbourhood.


Created bespoke for Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora, the Hakone Highlights are the fusion of the best of Oriental healing traditions and Hakone’s indigenous natural resources.

The Hakone Sensation

120 minutes / ¥32,750

An enchanting blend of pure aromatic essential oils of sakura, yuzu, and exotic herbs. A pampering touch is graciously offered with a full-body exfoliation to cleanse the skin of toxins from pollution and stress. Finally, be indulged with a luxurious aromatherapy massage, Hakone hot oil acupressure, and a local refreshment for the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. The ideal start or end to your holiday.

Path to the Wondrous Garden

90 minutes / ¥24,500

Like a leisurely stroll through a garden, this journey is light and relaxing. It starts with HARNN’s signature jasmine scrub and is followed by a Siamese Aromatic Massage, a combination of traditional Thai and aromatherapy massage. Original tea blends are served after the treatment.

Path to the Enchanted Forest

120 minutes / ¥32,750

Showcasing HARNN’s Tropical Wood collection, this journey provides thorough muscle work, focusing on de-stressing tense muscles and joints. One of our fine body scrubs cleanses and detoxifies the skin and our deep-tissue massage releases deep-seated tension. A special leg therapy technique caps off the experience.

Hakone Hot Oil Acupressure Massage

60 minutes – ¥19,500
90 minutes – ¥24,500

Tailormade for Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora, the highlight of this full body massage is the Hakone Sensation essential oil comprised of sakura (anti-aging), Wan Sao Long (for a restful sleep) and yuzu (revitalising) with the HARNN de-stress massager passing along the body’s energy channels.


HARNN massage therapies are designed to balance your path to personal wellness. Authentic traditional holistic practices are used along with the purest natural ingredients.


Moisturizing Facial

60 minutes – ¥20,000

This treatment starts with gentle cleansing, followed by mild exfoliation. A detoxifying facial mask leaves the skin visibly softer and smoother.

Anti-aging Facial

60 minutes – ¥20,000

Our hydrating facial mask and cellular regenerating massage improves blood circulation and relaxes tense facial muscles — the main precursor to lines and wrinkles. This treatment leaves you with a firmer and more luminous visage.




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