Get intimate with the natural world of Hakone Gora

Hakone Gora is known throughout Japan for its hot springs, so it’s a popular destination for relaxation. After a day discovering our neighbourhood, rest and recharge in our modern onsen or fully unwind with one of our spa treatments by HARNN. And, as you might expect, our onsen and spa aren’t quite like any of our neighbours’.


 Public Onsen: 09:00 – 22:00;
Gym: 24 hours with hotel key card access;
Spa: 10:00 – 20:00. View SPA Menu
*Day-use Hot Springs Price: 1500 JPY
*Bathing Clothe(Yuami)/Swimwear Rental Fee:500 JPY(tax included)
*Children under seven need to be accompanied by an adult.
*Please make your SPA reservation in advance before 18:00 on the day of arrival.

Relax your body,
fire up your imagination

Any onsen in Gora can talk about the relaxing and healing properties of the region’s hot spring waters, which can make skin smooth, relieve stress, and even help to treat ailments. And, like us, many other onsen also have excellent saunas.

But when it comes to our public bath, we offer something genuinely different. With a 5.2×1.7m screen, one wall of our onsen becomes a mesmerising digital art show, inspired by the nature of Gora, including its water, fire, and rocks. These art shows are new each season, depicting, for example, the stones of the Haya River changing from green to red to mimic the autumn leaves, or, in the winter version, the flowing river turning to ice then to powdered snow. Soak in our jet bath, sit on our bench sofa, or sink your feet into our onsen foot bath and let this original entertainment experience fire up your imagination while you relax your body. And it’s all accompanied by suitably soothing background music.

We also like to think of ourselves as a little more accommodating and open-minded than some of our neighbours. At onsen across Japan, men and women bathe separately, and they must be naked to get in the bath. But there’s no need to feel awkward at our onsen. All our bathers have swimwear on, and men and women can relax in our hot springs together — allowing families, friends, and couples to be in one another’s company as they experience Japan’s bathing culture. Also, unlike traditional Japanese onsen, our guests with fashion tattoos are more than welcome to enjoy our baths.

The contemporary design of our onsen is something else that sets us apart. The tiles and lights on the walls have been attractively modelled on the boulders Gora is known for. Even our locker rooms are full of eye-catching details, such as colourful ceiling art based around the Japanese character for hot water, ゆ. There are also elements that connect our onsen to the region’s tradition of bathing, such as retro wooden lockers, an antique scale, and old-fashioned baskets for clothing.

Connect with Gora at our onsen, where relaxation and discovery are always flowing.

Where our neighbourhood soaks into your skin

There are even elements of our neighbourhood in our spa treatments. At The Spa by HARNN, we use ingredients indigenous to Hakone Gora that will allow you to encounter profound relaxation and rejuvenation. Our expert therapists bring together the best of the region with the Oriental healing traditions they have been trained in.

Through this fusion of tradition and innovation, every guest gets to experience eastern healing rituals — perfected over generations — in a contemporary setting, helping to balance the body and the mind.

Step into our spa and onto the path of indulgence.

The Spa by HARNN

Get a Gora-inspired spa treatment




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